Nasjonal Turistveg Rondane
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NAF Lokale opplevelser

Find all the local gems along Rondanevegen and the supply roads, hand picked by NAF. Meet the locals, see all the activities, the local products, the … Read more


Viewpoint Snøhetta

Discover Dovrefjell from a viewpoint out of the ordinary. Park your car and go for a easy walk 1,5 km up to viewpoint SNØHETTA. In the path you will … Read more



En flott liten tur går fra parkeringsplassen ved Fallet i Atndalen, inn til Fallfossen. Det er flere flotte fosser i området. Gå på oppdagelsestur … Read more

Horseback riding

Kvebergsoya Gard

Kvebergsøya is a traditional farm by the foot of Rondane National Park, surrounded by meadows, rivers and forests. This is an ideal base for exploring … Read more